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Foot support in sport or heavy duty work

Foot support in sport or heavy duty work

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As the body progresses through the years and as we tend to knock it about all the things that hold us together such as joints tendons cushions and muscles can weaken, become less flexible and sometimes due to too much strain may let us down. In most instances our feet are the first line of contact usually with flooras we walk run or jump from low or high positions without thought until we feel discomfort. In many instances the body recovers to what is acceptble normal when damage may have been done to tendonds cartiliges natural cushionings and joints of the hips knees ankles, feet and back. Due to age the bodys slow deterioration may not be able to be avoided but, by care it may be slowed or reduced. As a lot of this stress can be started at the feet a cushion in footwear can help. Some footwear are manufactured with special cushioning built into the soles but most footwear have no cushioning, the insole are flat giving no support or stress cushioning to the feet. Our foowear  insole products are manufactured from a cushioning that is resiliant but gives under stress and cushions and supports the foot in the right places helping to reduce stress and strain and foot injury or damage. Buy them now and protect your joints. 

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