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Replica weapons of history

Replica weapons of history are collectable such as swords guns and daggers, guns can be one of the most popular item to a collector, usually from the pre-1800, clubs or associations have widest range and can be ancient or modern,­ western groups tend to go for US civil war period when the colt range of weapons were being manufactured in large quantities to supply the northern army, most popular was the navy colt and the colt 45 hand gun, numerous films made from 1920, the weapons of the time are woven into the history of a country or part of a country, by style, design and use. The civil war of Spain was an interesting period as volunteers to be involved came from many parts of the world, also, a variety weapons were used from U.S.A. U.K. France and Germany and became recog­nised  as international brigades were common but more to the left wing of political thinking. Support to the right wing of politics was mainly from Germany and Italy. As all civil wars it became very nasty and many atrocities were carried out and witnessed many times on both sides and as with the fighters and helpers came from many parts of the western and eastern world.­  

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