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Classic wall light shades ivorywith tazzeldecor

Wall light shade six inch diameter
  • £9.50

clogs wood sole pink upper half price on sale

Swedish wood sole clogs,
  • £14.50
  • Sale

gloves classic long black white or red

gloves elbow length ruched back,
  • £6.99

Greek style leather upper and sole men's slippers

Slippers greek style dark tan for men,
  • £29.99
  • Classic

Gymnastic leotard cool multi flex

Gymnastic leotard soft pink
  • £27.99

scrunches decorative colours for style

Hair decoration scrunches.
  • £5.50

silver summer shoel by sandpiper suave

Comfort shoe silver by suave,
  • £34.99

tap shoes silver smooth upper

tap shoes
  • £16.99

Tu Tu skirt white or pink

Tu Tu skirt for show fun or serious dance,
  • £9.99
Style No.: TU TU skirt

clogs with firm flexi comfort sole.

flexi cushioning suitable for ladies or men,
  • £34.99

Gloves elbow length

Black white or silver opera or dress gloves,
  • £5.99

Gun colt 45 replica buntline special revolver

a special for the collector,
  • £45.50
  • Over 18

Gymnastic leotard black silver

Leotard for gymnastic practice and competition,
  • £27.99

insoles nude grey sanitized pay for 1 get 2 prs

Cushioned insoles shipped free UK mainland,
  • £1.50

Replica of scottish steel blade dagger

scottish dagger authentic dress dagger replica,
  • £14.99
  • Over 18

ballet or keep fit headbands

Colour pink, black, white, blue,
  • £2.99

Gloves day or evening black or white

White or black gloves,
  • £4.99

gymnastic cool flex keep fit leotard

A lightweight fabric leotard,
  • £15.99

leg warmer pink with glitter or plain

Leg warmers pink,
  • £4.99
Style No.: leg warmer pink

Replica scottish dagger with thistle decoration

Skean dubh dress dagger replica,
  • £14.99
  • Over 18

Silver upper dance shoes e-fitting

Dance shoes for ladies,­E.E.­FITTING
  • £54.99
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